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Eye Protection for Your Workplace Hazards

Our priority is ensuring that you are properly protected to help prevent eye injury or irritation.


Ensuring that your eyes are properly protected requires that you share some information with our Opticians.

Ask questions and share information about your work environment.


Things to Share:

  1. Let the clinical staff know about the hazards you face in your work environment, such as dust, chemicals, flying debris and/or fine particles.

  2. Mention other environmental challenges such as extreme temperatures, sun exposure, humidity, or wet conditions.

  3. Explain the average number of hours each day that you will wear your safety eyewear.

Things to Remember for Your Visit:

When trying on various frames, it’s important to focus on more than just how the eyewear looks.

Fit – Frames come in many sizes allowing you to find a fit that works best for you.


Sightlines – Some frames allow greater peripheral vision. Your frames should match the peripheral vision needed for your work environment.


Protection – If your work environment requires a full seal or dust dam, both will provide greater protection and more comfort if you are wearing safety eyewear for long periods of time.


Perfect Fit – Our trained optician will help you find the perfect fit. If it’s not the right fit, we can help.


Timeline – Manufacturing your order will take 5 to 10 business days, depending on your prescription, lenses and frame choices. Our goal is accuracy and quality to ensure we meet Alberta’s Occupational Health and Safety requirements and your employer’s policy guidelines.

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Members of the Alberta Association Of Optometrist's Eyesafe Program.
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