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Eye Health and Vision Exams

So much of your life depends on your vision. What may seem to bother you much could impair your ability to perform your job, drive, or intake the world around you. However, at Vivid Vision, we offer several eye exams in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta and the surrounding area. Generally, we encourage our patients to seek our assistance once a year to preserve their vision for years to come.


Eye exams help determine how well you can see at varying distances. Another type of vision exam is to detect any eye problems. We also offer contact eye exams, which help us find the perfect fitting contacts for you.

We see patients of all ages ranging from kids to seniors. We understand the specific needs of all age groups, so we're able to help you see and protect your eyes from health problems in the future, no matter how old they are.


We might advise you to have a comprehensive eye examination, especially if you have health conditions that place you at a greater risk for eye issues or you already have eye problems. Your age plays a role since the likelihood of you developing specific eye conditions increases as you get older. We will also check your vision to see how well you can see at different distances. Our optometrist asks you to look through a specialized device that shows you letters you must read. From the information our optometrist obtains, we're able to pair you with a prescription for contacts or eyeglasses and possibly detect specific eye issues. 

A comprehensive vision exam consists of us gathering your medical history and having you discuss it with our optometrist. You also receive a visual acuity test, which thoroughly measures how well you see close up and far away in both eyes. You'll also have to complete a test to determine if you have astigmatism and how severe it is.

During your exam, the optometrist may look inside your eye using a unique tool to check your eye's internal components for problems. Another portion of the testing consists of the optometrist using a device that forces a puff of air into the eye to check its pressure. 

Another eye exam in Fort Saskatchewan is a contact eye exam, which is more like a contact fitting. When you undergo this portion of the test, the eye doctor gathers your eyes' measurements to create a contact prescription that optimizes your vision and is comfortable.

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