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Contact Lens


Correcting refractive errors that interfere with clear vision is easier than ever, thanks to today's contact lens designs, materials, and technologies. But unless your eye doctor has all the necessary information to steer toward the right kind of contact lenses, you may still find yourself struggling to enjoy contacts. Here at Vivid Vision, we're proud to offer contact lens exams Bruderheim, Lamont, and Fort Saskatchewan residents. These exams can help ensure that you have just the right lenses for your unique eyes.



What Is a Contact Lens Exam?

A contact lens exam at our optometry center is not the same thing as a vision exam. The vision exam, which is part of your regular comprehensive eye exam, tells us what kind of corrective prescription you need for glasses or contacts. However, fitting you with contact lenses calls for more data. The contact lens exam combines precise measurements with an evaluation of lifestyle and health factors to determine which contact lenses will prove most effective for your particular situation. The measurements include the diameters of your pupils, irises, and corneas. We also measure your corneal curvature in great detail using techniques such as keratometry and corneal topography.

What other considerations go into choosing the perfect contacts? We will talk with you about the following:

  • Lifestyle preferences - If you want to wear your contacts for several days in a row, you'll need extended-wear contacts designed expressly for that purpose. If you don't have time for careful lens cleaning and storage, you may need single-use contacts.

  • Prescription - If you have a tricky or strong corrective prescription, ordinary single-vision soft contacts may not do the job for you. We can provide you with specialized lenses that can meet your exact corrective needs.

  • Health concerns - If you suffer from dry eye, giant papillary conjunctivitis, keratoconus, or other complicating factors, you may need to invest in contacts that can better accommodate these problems.

Contact Lens Options

Our Fort Saskatchewan Eye Doctor can offer a variety of different contact lens options based on the results of your contact lens exam. We can provide GP lenses for complex prescriptions, multifocal lenses for presbyopic eyes, scleral contacts for keratoconus, hydrogel lenses for dry eye, and other helpful alternatives.

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