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 Discover crystal clear optics with a revolutionary lens that provides astigmatism correction for both nearsightedness and farsightedness. Even wearers suffering from extreme distortion resulting from an eye injury can benefit from the innovation of Biofinity Toric contacts.

Infused with cutting edge Aquaform technology, each silicone hydrogel lens closely mimics the natural moisture of your eyes to deliver superior hydration throughout the day. Designed for comfort as well as astigmatism correction, these lenses feature Biofinity Toric’s optimized ballast ingenuity for stable orientation that results in clearer vision. These thin, breathable lenses allow maximum oxygen flow to your eyes while deflecting irritants for comfortable moisture retention and irritation relief.

Experience comfort and performance with breakthrough technology and a natural lens shape that helps your vision stay clear for up to three months. These contact lenses redirect light, so it reflects evenly across the retina for optimized depth perception and clear resolution. For maximum convenience and freedom from alternative eyeglasses, these lenses help you see clearly while letting your natural beauty shine through.

Coopervision Biofinity Toric

  •  If you are a new patient, we will follow-up with you to confirm your prescription before any of your orders are finalized

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