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If you want to do away with the hassle of cleaning your contacts every day, changing out your lens case all the time, or constantly worrying about wearing your contacts for too long, DAILIES AquaComfort Plus 90 from Alcon are a fantastic choice. Each lens comes in a convenient single-use pack with a special solution that makes them silky soft on your eyes. At the end of the day, simply take out your lenses, throw them away and replace them with a new pair the next day. No need to clean or disinfect!

DAILIES AquaComfort Plus are outfitted with a special technology that uses your eye's natural blinking action to replenish moisture, keeping your lenses refreshing and particle-free for up to 24 hours. Each one is also tinted with Light Blue VISITINT to make your daily contact ritual quick and easy.

Alcon Dailies AquaComfort Plus

  •  If you are a new patient, we will follow-up with you to confirm your prescription before any of your orders are finalized

  • Shipping takes approximately 7 business days.

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